Exo XT 260

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The Exo XT 260 is a small whitewater creeker for light riders.

In contrast to the newer boats from Exo, the XT 260 has a pronounced edge and therefore good directional stability. Compared to T-Rex the XT 260 has less rocker and is therefore a little deeper in the water. Nevertheless, the boat with its small volume can still be boofed. Should the boof blow be missed, the XT 260 with its high bow and stern also pushes itself through well through rollers.

The XT 260 is therefore a full-fledged creeker, which is especially suitable for the light weight class under 70 kg!


Technical data

LENGTH 248 cm
WIDTH 63 cm
VOLUME 260 l
COCKPIT 80 x 40 cm
WEIGHT 20 kg
RIDER WEIGHT 60 100-kg

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Type: Kayak

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