Galasport Sea Wolf Black


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The Sea wolf is a blade developed specially for ocean paddling and general touring. Its optimal flex and light weight allows for prolonged paddling. Every single kilometer will be fun - most overlook the importance of your paddle - its where all your power and control is transfered.
This shape of paddle has utilised the dihedral design for optimised stability and a smooth stroke.
This Paddle has been so popular we have expanded the range offering more sizes and options and material confirguration allowing you cost effective entry points, club level Carbon Fiber or the Elite Carbon Fiber version, in your choice of configuration of 1 piece or 2 piece construction.

  • Blade Effecitive Dimensions 460mm x 180mm
  • Total Blade surface area 577 sqcm 

NOT PLASTIC - These blades are designed for efficiency so buying an efficient paddle made from an inefficient material like plastic is madness.
All Galasport Race paddles are Composite Construction - Meaning materials like Fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are infused with resins such as epoxy resin for maximum strength and rigidity for a minimum in weight. They come in 3 Versions Club Glass, Club Carbon or Carbon Elite.

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